Tâllil ointment for treatment of warts, foot corns and skin tags

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Tâllil ointment with concentrated extracts (salicylic acid – bleomycin solution – glycolic acid) permanently eliminates warts, corns and skin tags

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  • Easy to use : contrary to the available medicals choices, warts remain the cheapest and easiest option that can be used to treat warts, foot corns, and skin tags. We anoint the treatment area with a little ointment twice a day, after washing the area with water and drying it.
  • Guaranteed results : tried and effective, experiments have proven its effectiveness in the treatment of wart foot corns and skin tags permanently.
  • Good for health : it is safe and has no side effects or negative repercussions on health. It can be used by all age groups. It is also used for genital warts that appear in the sensitive area. – Do not use in the eyes and cannot be swallowed.
  • Quick results : its results are fast, the result of the ointment begins to appear from the second week of use.
  1. Warts : although the warts does not cause organic pain, it leaves psychological pain and disturbs our comfort and our mind, because warts and skin tags grow in visible areas such as the face, neck and hands… and they are the focus of the other’s attention. That’s why the best solution is to remove them using tâllil ointment that has proven to be completely effective in getting rid of them permanently.
  2. foot corns : one of the stressful things that drains our energy and health and makes us live in permanent suffering. With experience, tâllil ointment has proven its effectiveness in getting rid of the foot corns and killing it from the root, even the old ones.
  3. Genital warts : genital warts are considered one of the most dangerous types of warts, as they grow in intimate areas and are disgusting, and what is more dangerous is that they develop into viruses and microbes that can be transmitted through sexual relations. We have been credited with treating many cases of this type through tâllil ointment.

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