Relaxin Ointment for internal and external hemorrhoids

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Relaxin Ointment contains concentrated extracts of aloe vera, psyllium seed, hamamelis and calendula. Permanently eliminates internal and external hemorrhoids


  • Natural :100% natural ointment free of chemicals, made of aloe vera, psyllium seeds, hamamelis, and calendula, herbs from the depth of nature proven to treat hemorrhoids.
  • Easy to use : contrary to the available medicals choices , Relaxin remains the cheapest and easiest option that can be used to eliminate hemorrhoids. We rub the treatment area with a little ointment daily before bed.
  • Guaranteed results : tried and effective, trials have proven its effectiveness in treating skin diseases once and for all
  • Good for health : it is safe and has no side effects or negative repercussions on health, unlike chemotherapy and surgical treatments, it can be used by all age groups.
  1. External hemorrhoids : they are located on the anus, directly on the surface from which bowel movements come out. They are not visible but are sometimes seen as lumps on the surface of the anus. Disgusting in external hemorrhoids makes you feel excessive itching in the anal area as well as affects the process of excretion, many people have been helped by Relaxin ointment to get rid of them permanently
  2. Internal hemorrhoids :they are usually located in the rectum. They are not visible from the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are not dangerous, but they cause inconvenience and blood flow, so Relexin remains the ideal solution to eliminate them.
  3. Bleeding hemorrhoids : hemorrhoids bleeding usually occurs after the defecation operation , and one of the most embarrassing things that cause us to lose confidence in ourselves, Relaxin ointment that will permanently rid you of this bleeding.
  4. Anal fissure : it is a pathological condition that results from an incision or wound in the area surrounding the anus, resulting from many causes, and accompanied by many symptoms, including severe pain associated with the defecation process, which lasts for a long time in the anal area, and is accompanied by severe bleeding in the anus. In some cases, it should not be overlooked due to its damage, and Relaxin ointment is considered a safe solution to treat it.

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