Maca to treat sexual problems

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Unlike other sexual products and drugs, natural maca is the ideal solution to treat various sexual problems due to its great features and components.

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  1. Sexual power : Maca is universally popular for its effective and well-known role in increasing sexual strength and stimulating sexual desire. When eating maca, this helps to increase a man’s sexual desire and makes him more powerful and energy in practice. This particular benefit of the maca plant has made some call it natural Viagra.
  2. Erectile dysfunction : many men who take antidepressants as well as those with diabetes suffer from severe erectile dysfunction and penis relaxation. Maca here is a natural stimulant that makes the penis stronger and erect and permanently rid you of this stressful problem.
  3. Premature ejaculation : rapid ejaculation, which is the scourge of the age that most men suffer from, whether old or young. You lose your sexual energy and make you look weak in front of your partner in bed. Maca will boost your self-confidence and make you practice for long minutes. You will surprise those with you in bed about the change that will occur in your ability in long practice until the other party is satiated.
  4. Sperm : there are those who neglect the sperm and reduce their secretion, especially if they have children, but apart from their role in fertilization, the ejaculation of semen in abundance enhances the man’s confidence in himself and also becomes a provocation factor for the woman, as she loves to ejaculate her partner forcefully and abundantly and feels his manhood running through her guts. Maca stimulates the movement of sperm and increases its number, in addition to improving its quality and health. These things help to raise the chances of a wife getting pregnant, and also contribute to increasing the man’s self-confidence.
  5. Prostate : one of the common diseases in men that has a direct impact on their sexual performance and their fertility is the problems associated with the prostate, whether it is enlarged, rotting or inflamed. cause Maca also contains androgen receptors that block the binding of hormones that increase the size of the prostate and its enlargement.
  6. Infertility : due to its effective role in treating prostate problems, as well as its ability to increase the rate of sperm secretion and improve its health and movement, as it works on the hormonal balance in men, has been proven its ability to treat infertility problems in men and increase fertility.


  • Natural : Maca is a 100% natural herb that is free of any chemicals.
    It has been known for more than 3000 years, and is mainly cultivated in the Andes Mountains located in central Peru at very high altitudes of more than 4000 meters. .
    Growing maca under these conditions could explain its exceptional benefits.
  • Good for health : Maca can be eaten by all age groups, whether young or old. Maca is harmless and has no side effects on patients with heart and arteries, diabetes, high pressure .. it is one hundred percent natural

How to use 

A box of Maca contains more than sixty (60) tablets

Two tablets are taken per day, one before lunch and one before dinner for 30 days, and the treatment is final

Maca results appear from the second week of treatment and must be maintained compulsorily for a month until the final treatment is complete



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